Call Forwarding

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Enables you to redirect all incoming calls to another destination. You can specify that you wish it to ring your terminal for a prefixed period before forwarding to your specified location. Alternatively you can avoid it ringing you handset and go straight to the specified location.

Follow Me Enabled: When ticked, the call redirection instructions are active. 
Follow Me Rule: There are two types of Follow Me Rule

  • Basic - this is a standard divert which will follow the settings you define below
  • PA - Manager - this will allow calls to ring on another persons phone as well as your own, allowing a PA to answer calls on your behalf

Ring all alternative numbers simultaneously: A list of numbers can be defined and all numbers will be dialled at once. The one to answer first will accept the call and all others will see a missed call
Forward calls to the following destination: This allows calls to be forwarded to a single defined number which can be selected from the drop down box. The drop down box consists of 'Voicemail' and other numbers defined under 'Alternative Numbers'
Try My Work Extension for xx seconds: There are two editable fields

  • Ticked or unticked - If unticked, the call will not ring the handset at all, but will forward the call on immediately
  • 'xx' seconds - The number of seconds can be defined. This is the length of time the handset will ring for before forwarding the call. This can be set between 10-90 seconds

Alternative Numbers: This is where a list of numbers to be forwarded to can be defined.

Call On Busy
Enables you to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call encounters a busy condition. This can be set to go to voicemail or to an alternative number. A busy state is when the phone is engaged or in DND state.

On Not Reachable

Enables you to redirect calls to another destination when the handset is down. You can either Reject any incoming calls, transfer to voicemail or to a specific destination. 

All these options are available within Inclarity Phone Manager

NB: Any call forwarding to a number off of the Inclarity platform will incur a call charge. Please speak with you account manager for more details

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