System Management Tool (SMT)

System Management Tool - SMT

The SMT is an administrator portal used to control all numbers on the Inclarity platform. Logins can be created to filter single customers or sites if required. This ensures that everyone has the appropriate level of access to their own information.

The SMT works on a layered structure which follows the below pattern:

Partner / Channel / Customer / Site / Subscriber

For more information on how to use the SMT, a details administrators guide is attached. If this does not answer your query, please get in touch with us. Details can be found here

A document is attached at the bottom of this page as a how-to of some of the more common tasks you can perform on the SMT, such as diverts, changing terminals and activating/changing/removing features. This is at the bottom of the page listed as Inclarity MACDs v5.pdf

Network Probes

Inclarity also have the facility to set up 'Network Probes' which monitor connectivity at site. As the performance of the connectivity has a direct impact on the quality of service we can provide, it is good business practice to monitor this. Inclarity Customer Services can create the Network Probe and users with SMT access can monitor this. 

NB: The router must allow ICMP traffic for the Network Probe to work. If the router is not configured to allow this, the Network Probe will not receive a response back, and report the service as unreachable. All Inclarity provided routers are configured to allow ICMP traffic for the Network Probe feature


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