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Contact Number: 0800 987 8000 or
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Option 1: Customer Services Deals with existing customer moves, changes or additions to service and faults
Option 2: New Customer Sales Deal with new customer only enquiries
Option 3: Provisioning Handles all new customer orders, number porting and new sites for existing customers
Option 4: Billing Deals with all billing enquiry or disputes
Option 5: Accounts To pay your bill
Option 6: All other Enquiries Any query not covered by the other categories


Option 1: Customer Services

Move, Add or Change: If you require to move premises, change or add to your existing service at your existing site, Customer Services is happy to help. Please send an email to Customer Services on the above email address. Our turnaround time for MACs depends on the nature of the change; but typically we complete them within 24 hours. Changes sent by email are actioned between the hours of 0800-1800. 

Technical Assistance: To log a service request, please send an email to Customer Services or please call 0800 987 8000 (option 1). Our service support period is Monday - Friday 0800 - 1900

Outside of the normal service support period, we operate an on-call engineer function for dealing with high severity service requests only. You can reach our out of hours team by calling our normal support number (0800 987 8000 option 1). Should there be a problem with getting through to us on this number, you can also reach us on 02077887479. Once your call has been logged you should expect an engineer to call you back within one hour. Please note that emails to the Customer Services address are not responded to outside of our normal service support period.

If there’s a problem, the more information we have the quicker the team will be able to diagnose the problem; so please be as specific as possible. The mandatory information we require is:

1. Company name
2. Location
3. Useful contact names / numbers
4. When the fault started
5. Who it is affecting
6. How often it happens
7. Detailed description of the fault
8. Examples including numbers, dates, times etc.
9. Screen shots & system information - software faults only
10. Any useful login information - web tool faults only

Option 2: New Customer Sales

The New Customer Sales line is for the sales of new partners or customers only. Existing customers or partners (even if introducing new customers you have sold the service to) should use either Option 1 or Option 3. 

Option 3: Provisioning

Our Provisioning team are available on 0800 987 8000 (option 3) or can be reached by emailing The open times of this department are 0900-1730 Monday - Friday. 

NB: Number Porting Information

If you are porting a number into us, our Provisioning team are happy to help with any query you may have. 

If you are porting a number away from us, our Provisioning team will be happy to provide address details and number ranges on our systems. To obtain this information, it is preferred if an email is sent to as we can then email the information back to ensure it's accuracy.

If you require an update on a number which is porting away from us, we are unable to provide updates on any port out. To obtain this, please contact the gaining provider of the number who should be able to give you all the information you need. If they are unclear on anything, they can use the official channels back to ourselves. This ensures you have a single point of contact for your updates.



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