LG Error Messages

This page details likely error messages that may appear on LG handsets. To view information about the handsets, please click here

Please note, this information is for LG handsets on the Broadsoft platform. Netcentrex information is slightly different and at present is not listed here

TFTP Address:
Call Server:
Recommended Handset Version: 

Handset PIN:
By default, Inclarity do not set PIN numbers on their LG handsets. However, we have encountered some non-Inclarity LG handsets with the PIN of 7777.

Web GUI:
Username: private 

Error Messages: 

Failed to get XML file: The handset is unable to reach the Inclarity TFTP server to download it's latest config file

Initial Diagnostics:

Check the Ethernet cable is securely seated in the LAN port at the back of the handset. This is depicted by an image of 3 computers networked together. Please ensure this is not in the PC port (depicted by a single PC).
Check the other end of the cable to ensure it is securely seated in the patch panel and/or switch/router port.
If a new router has been installed, or an existing router has recently gone through changes, it may be necessary to ensure the router is still allowing TFTP traffic. On Inclarity supplied routers, these ports are already open. For non-Inclarity supported routers, please ensure the ports within the network advisory document are open

Dialling Issue: The call seems to initiate before dialling is complete

The dial plan is outdated and needs to be updated. Please log this with Inclarity in order to fix this issue.

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