PC Softphone (Windows and Mac) Setup

NB: Only the Inclarity supported softphone will work. If our systems detects the use of unauthorised software, it will suspend outbound calling.

Setup PC Softphone:

Log into your Phone Manager login to obtain the software. Your credentials will be your full personal number and the password is the same as your voicemail password. If you cannot remember your login credentials please contact us by email ''

Once you have logged in it will automatically begin to download the software.

Please open this file and follow the steps to install the software.

Once installed please run the program. It will bring up the login page. 

Bria for PC
The login details are the same as what you use to access phone manager. This is your full personal number and the password you use to access voice-mail. This is usually 4 digits.

Siphone for PC/Mac
The login details will be provided by Inclarity Customer Services and will follow the format 

The password will be defined by Inclarity Customer Services

If you reieve any error messages when trying to login please follow this link to troubleshoot this.

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