Receptionist Client

This page details errors that may occur with the Receptionist Client. For information on the Receptionist Client, please click here

Calls Not Being Presented

  • Click 'Settings'
  • Click 'Application'
  • Ensure that the tick box next to the appropriate queue is ticked
  • NB: If the number does not appear in the list, please contact Customer Services as this indicates you are not a designated Operator of the Receptionist Client
  • Click 'Back to Application' to return to the Receptionist Client Main Screen

Calls Appear in the Call Console but not the Queued Calls

  • Press the tools icon along the 'Queued Calls' header
  • Click 'Edit Queue Favorite Dialog'
  • Tick the boxes of the queues you wish to monitor (maximum 5 queues)
  • Press 'Save'

Screen is not popping

The screen will only pop if it is the only tab in the window. If a second tab is open in the same browser instance, the screen will not pop. If this is the only tab within the window, please follow the below instructions

  • Click 'Settings'
  • Ensure 'Auto pop incoming calls' is ticked
  • Press Save Workspace 

No Option to Integrate Outlook Contacts

This option is not active by default. Please contact Customer Services who will be able to add this for you.


Receptionist Client requires Java to run, but will not run on the very latest versions of java. It is recommended that the optimum version of java to run is Java 7 Update 21. If you're not sure which version you have, this can be found in the Java option within your Control Panel on your computer, or in Add/Remove Programs

In the past, we have noted that running incorrect versions of java can impact the ability to view contacts within a directory. 

If you are experiencing issues with the Call Centre Client, please follow the below instructions (instructions provided for Windows 7, other Operating Systems may vary)

  • Click Start
  • Control Panel
  • Java
  • Advanced
  • Java Console - Show Console
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