EFM (Ethernet First Mile) Troubleshooting

If your EFM service is experiencing service interruption, there are some basic checks that can be completed which can immediately rectify issues.

Firstly, reboot your router. This will force the router to drop any connected session and re-authenticate at the optimum sync speeds available. This may resolve packet loss issues or loss of connectivity altogether.

If the problems persist after the reboot, please follow the below checks:

  • Please check that all cables are securely plugged in to the router
  • Please check that lights are visible on the router (therefore ensuring the router is receiving power). If there are any warning lights, please continue with the below instructions
  • Please check the NTE for any warning lights that may have appeared.

If the EFM service is not provided by Inclarity:
Please raise a ticket with your Internet Service Provider who should offer next step guidance.

If the EFM service is provided by Inclarity:
Once all checks are complete, please log a ticket with Customer Services. At this stage, you should inform Inclarity of any warning lights that have been noted. It would also be helpful to provide Inclarity the following information:

  • Site Contact Name 
  • Site Contact Number
  • Site Access Times

Inclarity will then run intrusive testing on the line and try to find any issues that may be causing the problems experienced. If a fault is found as a result of the tests, Inclarity will instruct BT to despatch an engineer to site based upon the site details previously given

If no fault is found upon testing, Inclarity will offer guidance based upon the information provided so far. Inclarity can insist upon an engineer attending site despite no fault being found on the initial testing. If this is done after all on-site checks have been completed, then Inclarity will make the decision to despatch an engineer.

NB: If an engineer is requested by the customer before all on-site checks are completed then there is a risk that the BT engineer may turn up on site and find the fault is with non-supported equipment. In this instance, BT will charge for the callout and this charge will be passed on to the customer. Inclarity will warn the customer of this risk before despatching the engineer.

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