Inclarity Phone Manager

Inclarity Phone Manager is a web-based application, enabling you to manipulate, in real-time, your extension

You will need to open up your web browser and navigate to

This will bring you to the log-in page. which looks like this:
Login Page


Home Screen
Once logged in this will be the first page you will see. Please note yours may look different to the example below depending on the features you have with inclarity



Side Menu
This is the Menu of customisable features with the Phone Manager. Please note you may not have the same options as the example below depending on the features you have taken with Inclarity

My Details
This page is where you can make basic changes. You can change how you name is displayed on the handset and within your business directory. From here you can also reset the password you use to access Phone manager and Voicemail.

Voice Mail
The voice mail page gives you access to your message and allows you to save, play, delete or forward. You can also toggle the email address you have your voice mails sent to if you choose to use this feature. Please click here to learn more about the voicemail service


Follow Me
This page is where you can make changes to your standard call diverts. Please click here to learn more about this feature.


Speed Dial
The Speed dial page will allow you to add and edit the speed dials you use on your handset.

From the contacts tab you can manage all of your contacts. This includes Private, Shared and internal. To learn more about this, please click here.

Fax to Email
The Fax to Email page allows you to change the email address or file format. Please click here for more details on Fax to Email.

The terminal page gives you access to all the devices you have assigned and also the credentials for the Mobile Bria Softphone. To learn more about this please click here.

Call Filtering
Call filtering allows you to reject numbers you don't want to be able to call you by deflecting the call to voicemail or rejecting it outright. The call will not ring your handset at all.

On Busy
These options help you control your divert options when your handset is busy. For further information, please click here

Caller Groups
This allows you to view what Hunt Groups you are a part of and also access the voicemail of any hunt group.

On Not Reachable
These options help you control your divert options when your handset is unreachable. For further information, please click here





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