Mobile Softphone (Android and iOS) Setup

Setup Bria Mobile Softphone
Firstly, you will need to download the Bria Software onto your device. The software can be located on the below link



Next, navigate to and login using your Phone Manager Credentials

From here, click 'Terminals'. On screen should be a Terminal which states 'Bria - for mobile services'. On the right hand side of this line is an 'eye' symbol. Please click this.
Accept the disclaimer and click 'Save'. You may need to navigate away from the screen and follow the instructions from 'Terminals' again.
This will now display the 3 credentials you need in order to register your device.

  • SIP User Name
  • SIP Password
  • Authorisation Name 

NB: If a mobile softphone does not appear here, please contact Inclarity via email to request activation of this service

NB: If a mobile softphone does not appear here, please contact us via to request activation of this service

Android Instructions:

  • Open the Bria application on your device and press 'Add Account'.
  • Account Types should be displayed. Allow this to load, then scroll down and select 'Inclarity'.
  • From here, you will see 'Account Name'. Enter 'Inclarity' in here.
  • You will also see 'User Name' and 'Password', which you should have from the details in the Phone Manager (SIP User Name and SIP Password). Please ensure this is entered EXACTLY correct as any discrepancies or mistakes will inevitably not allow connectivity.
  • After this is complete, press 'Account Advanced'. Within here, is 'Authorization Name', which is the location for the 'Authorisation Name' from Phone Manager.
  • After this, use your phones back softkey until you reach 'Accounts' and can then see 'Inclarity'. Press the tick box next to this account and your device should connect.

iOS Instructions:

To register your iPhone or iPad, please follow the userguide attached.

Siphone Mobile Softphone

The mobile application for Siphone Mobile Softphone will need to be downloaded through iTunes or the Google Play Store. This is a free application and is separate from the costs of the service through Inclarity.

Apple iTunes Link -

Google Play Store -

The registration of Siphone consists of a username and password provided by Inclarity. Once registered, the service should automatically log in.

At this stage you can request the application to remember you password by sliding the 'Keep Password' tab to on.


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