PC Softphone (Windows Only) Error Messages

Bria Legacy PC Softphone

…firstly do the necessary connectivity checks to make sure the machine is connected. If the laptop/PC is able to access the internet, this is sufficient. If the machine cannot reach the internet, please troubleshoot this with your local IT support.

If internet access is available, open Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options, Content, Certificates and Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

The certificate you’re looking for should look like the one highlighted below

If it’s not there, please can you right click and install it using the attached certificate. When you’re prompted to choose a location, do not let it automatically choose where to install it, but instead choose to ‘Place all certificates in the following store’ and press ‘Browse’. Install the certificate to the folder ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’ and complete the installation.

Restart the softphone and it should then work.

Authentication Failed


This will occur if the login credentials are incorrect. Please check your username and password are correct. You can verify your username and password by attempting to log into Phone Manager. The same credentials are used for both applications. If you are able to log into Phone Manager, but not Softphone, please contact Customer Services informing them of the error.

If you are unable to log into Phone Manager, please contact Customer Services asking for a password reset.

Inclarity Logo Only


If you are presented with the above, right click the arrow on the right hand corner of your screen to bring up the services that are currently running on your PC.

Right click the green circle with a white tick and select 'Show the Phone'.

One Way/No Way Voice

As the PC Softphone uses your computers headset or speakers/microphone, this could be the cause of any voice issues. If all of your calls are affected, please test using an alternate headset or speakers/microphone if possible. 

If problems still persist, please visit our page on one way/no way voice issues

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