Gigaset Error Messages

This page details likely error messages that may appear on Gigaset handsets. To view information about the handsets, please click here

Registration Requirement: Please note that Gigaset base units require an extra layer of registration than other Inclarity supported devices. If your router was purchased through Inclarity, this is accounted for and no further action is required. If you have supplied your own router, please ensure the following IP addresses are accessible to traffic:

If these are unreachable, the Gigaset base unit will not register.

Error Messages:

No LAN Connection: Your Gigaset Base Unit detects no connection to your internal network

Initial Diagnostics:

Check the Ethernet cable is securely seated in the LAN port at the side of the base unit. 
Check the other end of the cable to ensure it is securely seated in the patch panel and/or switch/router port

No Base: The handset has not been registered to a base unit

Initial Diagnostics:

Hold the blue button on the base unit for 10 seconds and release. This puts the base unit into Registration Mode. On the handset, select 'Settings', 'Registration' and 'Register Handset'. The handset should look for a base unit in Registration Mode. When prompted for a System PIN, please enter '0000'

Home screen shows no error but calls appear as busy/will not connect: The handset registration may need to be verified

Initial Diagnostics:

Reboot the base unit. For most instances, this will force the base unit to attempt to look for an updated configuration file. If this doesn't work, you may need to access the base units GUI (Graphical User Interface). To do this, connect a computer to the same internet connection as your base unit. Press and release the button on the base unit. This will page the IP address of the base unit to all registered handsets. 

Once you have the IP address, enter this into your web browser. When prompted, the System PIN is '0000'. Navigate to 'Settings' and 'Telephony'. Your connections should now be on screen:

  • Fixed Line should always be Disconnected
  • should always be Registered and ticked. If not, please tick this box.
  • IP 1-6 will be populated according to the number of registered handsets you have with Inclarity. If you have only 1, then only IP1 should be ticked as 'Active'. If you have 4, IP 1-4 should all be ticked inclusively. If any of the statuses say 'Registration Failed', this is likely the error. Ensure the box is ticked and press 'Update Profile'. Reboot the Base Unit.

If after a reboot, Registration Failed still appears, press Edit next to the IP connection which is failing and Delete Connection and OK. Tick the box next to the appropriate IP connection and reboot the base unit. This will force the handset to contact Inclarity and download any appropriate registration details.

If this still fails, please raise a ticket with the Inclarity Support Desk.

No Outbound Calls, Inbound calls are fine:

If on making an outbound call, a message is heard saying 'This line has been placed temporarily out of service. You can receive calls but cannot make calls. Please contact your operator'. This will mean your handset has tripped one of the fraud prevention scripts Inclarity have in place. Please log a ticket with Inclarity Customer Services.

If this message is not heard and the call simply ends, please check the following setting:

Press the menu button
Select 'Services'
Check the All Calls Anonym field.

If this is ticked, please untick this. Anonymous calls should only be set on the SMT or Phone Manager. By using this feature, it will stop your handset being able to authenticate and our platform will reject the call. Untick this field and set Anonymous calls on the SMT and this will resolve the issue.

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