Mobile Softphone (Android and iOS) Error Messages

The same errors will appear on either Android or iOS devices but the layout will be slightly different. There are no known differences to the menu or field names between the devices

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Bria Mobile Softphone

Failed to authenticate. Verify user name and password

There are 3 sections which must be populated correctly in order for Bria to work. 

Username: this will be a term ID eg. term_00112233_port_0001
Password: this is the SIP password and not the same as Phone Manager/Voicemail etc
Authorization Name: This is a sub ID eg. sub_00112233

All 3 must be populated correctly in order to connect. Authorization Name is located under 'Account Advanced'

Not Found (404)

The most common cause of this is an incorrect username. Please check the term ID is correct. This can also be the cause if the mobile softphone you're trying to connect to doesn't exist on our system. In this case, please contact Customer Services

Request Timeout (408)

The Bria application has attempted to register but timed out before receiving a response. The most likely cause of this is blocked ports on a Wi-Fi connection. Try to reconnect using your mobile network. If the same problem occurs, contact Customer Services.

Attempt to register on account acc_1 did not succeed. No network or "Allow Mobile Data" is not currently enabled. Go to Preferences to enable this feature

  • Go to Settings (the cog at the bottom)
  • Go to Preferences
  • Tick 'Allow Mobile Data'

SIP Stack Error

  • Click Settings
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • The first option should be the Network Traversal Strategy. Tap this to open a new menu.
  • Tap the "Strategy" button at the top. Select Application Managed, or Server Managed. (If one fails to register, try the other)
  • If that doesn't help, try Settings > Advanced Settings > Network Traversal Strategy. Try Custom and change the STUN Mobile setting.

One Way Voice/No Way Voice

If you experience one way or no way voice, firstly ensure that the problem is present on the mobile network as well. If ports are blocked within the router which Wi-Fi is being used on, this can cause issues. If the problem is present whilst not using Wi-Fi, as the application is a VoIP softphone, one and no way voice issues are treated the same as if the fault was on any handset. In this instance, please click here to review next steps

Siphone Mobile Softphone

We have so far had very few errors with using Siphone. As the configuration is primarily done on a configuration server at Inclarity, and only requires a simple username and password, issues are kept at a minimum.

Incorrect user name or password

(No surprise that this is the first error)

The username and password are set by Inclarity when you sign up for the Siphone Mobile Softphone service. This is not the same as your Phone Manager/Voicemail login. The credentials should be in the following format:

Username: eg ""
Password: There is no predefined password format

A login error has occurred. Device Activation Limit Reached

Siphone will allow 1 device registered to a single login. This error occurs when a second device attempts to gain access to a login which already has a registered device. If you have changed handsets and need to gain access on your new handset, please contact Customer Services who will remove the old device from your account, allowing your new device to log in.

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