Hunt Group

Allows subscriber to be included in a specified sub-group to handle incoming calls received be a specific number. The group can follow the below "hunt" schemes to route the calls to the specified subscribers in the group.

  • Cyclic - Sends calls in a fixed order. The call is sent to the first available person on the list, beginning where the last call left off
  • Fixed - Sends call to users in the order they are listed. Each call always starts with the first person in the list.
  • Longest Idle - As a call is completed, the user moves to the bottom of the call queue in a shuffling fashion. The next incoming call goes to the user who has been idle the longest. If the user receives a call that was not directed through the Hunt Group the call is not included in the receiving order for longest idle.
  • Random - Rings in a random fashion and does not follow any particular rules.
  • Parallel - Rings all of the users in the group simultaneously; the first user to pick up the ringing phone is connected

Extension Timeout - This is where you can set a specific amount of rings before the call redirects to the next available agent. You can also establish a policy for how many rings before the call is then handled off somewhere this is a great way to avoid callers being kept ringing for to long. At this stage you have two option you can either send the call to a voice-mail box or you can redirect to an alternative number.

Global Timeout - This is where you can set a specific amount of rings before the call is terminated in the hunt group at this point you can either send the call to voicmail or redirect to an alternative number

There are also two other redirection option which you can choose to use. These are call on busy and On Not Reachable. To see the what these actions do please click here

Open Periods - The Hunt group can also have specific opening periods so you can determine when the calls are reaching this group. You are able to send calls to voicemail or an alternative number outside of the open periods if you choose to.

There is also an option to have music on hold. To learn more about this please click here

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