Auto Attendant - IVR

Auto Attendant - IVR

The Auto Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers the phone and provides a personalised message to callers with options for connecting to specific groups or DDi's, dialing by extension, or connecting to up to eleven configurable extensions (0-9 and *). There is also the option to have multiple layers which allow for more options and ensure a more accurate targeted IVR. 

A media file needs to be provided for the options to be explained to the caller. For an additional cost, Inclarity offer professional voice services where you can choose your own voice artist and also backing music. Please click here to visit the site. 

Alternatively you can create your own file however this must be in an 8khz 8-bit mono .wav file for it to work. If a larger .wav file is provided. Inclarity customer services can compress it.

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