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Redbox Call Recording
The call recording platform requires a few tweaks when you first log in. You will likely see some of the errors, but if you do, don't worry. Just follow the below instructions and this sort any problems you have:

On the PC:
- Go to Computer and select C: Drive
- Check for a 'Quantify' folder. If there isn't one, add a new folder and name it 'Quantify'.
- Now Right Click the 'Quantify' folder and select 'Properties'
- Select 'Security' tab
- Under 'Group or user names', select 'Users'
- Under 'Permissions for Users', check that 'Full Control' has a tick under 'Allow'. If it doesn't, select 'Edit'
- Under 'Group or user names', select 'Users' and under 'Permissions for Users', click the 'Full Control' box to Allow.
- Select 'Apply and OK'


On Internet Explorer:
- Go to 'Settings' (small cog in top right hand corner)
- Select 'Internet Options'
- Select 'Security' tab
- Select 'Trusted Sites' and then 'Sites' below it
- Check if the address is in the box -

NOTE: Require Server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone - leave this UNTICKED

- Once added, press 'Close'
- Back under 'Internet Options', under 'Custom', select 'Custom Level'
- Find 'Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting' - Enable this if disabled or in prompt. Press 'OK' and exit back to the main Internet Explorer page
- Go to 'Tools' (You may have to press Alt to bring down the Menu first)
- Select 'Compatibility View Settings'
- Under 'Add this website' add and press 'Add' then Close. 

Next, follow these steps below:
- Click the image under 'Trust Not Granted' below (this will open a new link)
- Follow the instructions exactly as they are on this screen
- Once complete, refresh your screen (Ctrl-R) and you should be able to log in

If you have any problems or have difficulty with this process please contact the support team on 0800 987 8000, option 1.

Trust Not Granted - click the link for further instructions


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