Pickup (Direct and Group)

Group Pick-up
Enables a user to answer any ringing line within their pick up group. To pick up a ringing call, a user dials *98 and lift the handset. The user is then connected to the caller. If more than one line in the pick up group is ringing, the call that has been ringing the longest is answered. On the display of the handset you will see *98 as the initiated call and not that of the inbound caller.

Softkey Group Pick-up
Some phones have the ability to add the group pick up to one of its 'Soft Keys'. The supported models are:

Aastra Cisco Polycom LG

To request these features please contact Customer Services

Directed Call Pick-up

Enables a user to answer a call directed to another phone under their customer by dialling *97 followed by the extension number and lift the handset.

The two parties do not have to be in the same pickup group on the SMT.

This service is enabled be default on all Broadsoft subscribers.

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