Receptionist Client

Receptionist Client

Google Chrome will work with the Receptionist Client. However, Chrome no longer supports NPAPI which is required for java to work. Therefore the Outlook Integration feature will not work in Chrome. 

Enables business groups to set up a basic receptionist environment with incoming calls received by a single phone number distributed among a group of users, or agents. The following functionality is supported: 

• Agent login and logout 
• Uniform distribution of incoming call to the available agents 
• Queuing of the incoming calls that cannot be answered immediately 
• Overflow to a given destination when the group is unable to accept calls 
• No Answer Policy to redirect call to next agent if not answered in a specific number of rings by previous agent 
• Deflection to a given destination outside of business hours 

For Receptionist Supervisors, a variety of statistics are provided to monitor the performance of the receptionists, such as Average Number Agents Busy and Average Hold Time Before Call Loss. Statistics are also provided to track individual agent performance, such as Average Time Agent Spends on Calls and Amount of Time Each Agent Logged On and Idle.

The Receptionist feature also offers the feature of 'Entrance Music', a defined message which will be played to the caller first of all. If this message is mandatory for all callers to hear, then this can be applied to be played in full before any phones begin to ring. Once the message is played, the call can then be presented to the agents.

A further audio option is for a Comfort Message to be played at a defined interval. This can be set to play every 10-600 seconds as defined.

A Receptionist Client on-screen web based application can be used to manage inbound calls. This has directory capabilities, along with transfer options which allows the agent to control the call entirely from their computer.

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