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Call Recording -

Primary Recorder IP: - this is also the IP for the Bulk Export Tool

Inclarity offers a call recording feature provided by Redbox Recorders. This enables users to be able to record calls for up to 6 months via a web interface as well as download calls to be kept for longer. The facility to export call details into a spreadsheet format is also available for quick analysis.

At present, Call Recording only works in Internet Explorer and early versions of Firefox. However, Redbox developers are working on this and we fully expect the portal to be brought up to date with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is soon to be introduced as well.

If you see any error messages within the Redbox portal, an in-built Support Centre is available to guide you through any errors you may see. To access this, log into the Redbox Portal using your supplied credentials, click 'Options' and 'Support Centre'.

If you do not have your login credentials, please contact Inclarity via email using the details which can be found here. Portal passwords cannot be given over the phone.

As well as the in-built Support Centre, Inclarity have also created a user guide, which can be found attached below

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