Holiday Diverts

Please note: Inclarity are closed on Bank Holidays. If you need Inclarity's assistance setting diverts, please get in touch by before December 22nd. Please try to get in touch as early as possible as this is a very busy time and late submissions may not be completed in time leaving businesses lines open during the holiday period.

During the holiday periods, many customers will be requiring their offices to be closed. This details ways that diverts can be set:

Subscriber Numbers - Divert:

Customers can action their own individual diverts through the Follow Me section of the Phone Manager, or SMT admins can make these changes through the Call Redirection Enabled section of the SMT. 

If your numbers are to be diverted at all times to voicemail or an alternate number for more than 1 week, this would be the best option

Phone Manager Settings

Follow Me Enabled: Ticked
Forward calls to the following destination: 
Set accordingly
Try my work extension: Unticked

SMT Settings

Call Redirection: Ticked
Alternative Destination: Set accordingly
Try extension first: Unticked


Hunt Group - Divert:

The Hunt Group divert is slightly different although the principle is the same. The Global Timeout is the length of time the phones will ring. If you do not want the phones to ring, set this to 0 seconds.

The On Global Timeout is the action you want the calls to take after the Global Timeout has expired 


In the above example, a Global Timeout of 0 seconds and an On Global Timeout of Transfer to Voicemail will send calls immediately to Voicemail


Individual Numbers, Hunt Groups, Call Centres and Receptionist Clients - Open Periods:

SMT users can also set Open Periods to effectively 'close' the lines on certain days. An example is below:

Here we see that the lines are open from Tuesday to Thursday 09:00-16:00. Outside of these hours, the calls will follow the On Closed action which is to Transfer to Voicemail. An alternate number can be set here if you wish.

If the times are different for different days, you can set this also, as listed below. The below is a Hunt Group example of Open Periods

On Hunt Groups, the 'On Closed' action is defined under the 'Advanced' settings.


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