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Call Recording - 

Dubber is a hosted call recording service provider who offers a service exclusively to telephone service providers. With the call recording added as a bolt-on to complement the telephone service.

Dubber offers a dedicated platform and management portal for

a) the setup of users and

b) access to the call recordings.

This platform also comes with a compartmentalised set of APIs which means that both Inclarity and each of Inclarity’s customers can integrate the call recording service into their own solutions.

Call Suppression

We have now implemented the ability for end users to suppress their  call recordings when using the Dubber platform. 

From a fulfilment point of view, the only change is a new tick box on SMT which exposes a manual ‘pause’ button on the screen of an associated Polycom VVX handset. After ticking (or unticking) the end user will need to reboot the device to see the change. 

Manual and automated suppression can also be achieved through the use of the Integrator (UC) DB software client on the desktop.  

There are no additional charges for using this feature.

User Guides Below.


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