Polycom Directory

Polycom Directory Troubleshooting

  • The Polycom Directory will only work correctly for Polycom VVX handsets with SIP application version 5.4/5.5 firmware. If your phone is on an earlier release it will need to be upgraded. For assistance in upgrading your handset please contact Inclarity Customer Services.
  • When making changes to your Private Contacts or your Broadsoft users, you will need to reboot your handset
    before it will pick up the changes.
  • If your Private Contacts list is large – more than 300 entries – you may need to reboot your handset twice to
    load the full, updated list correctly.
  • Users should note that loading more than 500 Private Contact entries to a Polycom VVX handset will causethe Contact Directory screen to go blank – i.e. behave as if it has zero entries.
  • Users should also note that any Quick Dial or Speed Dial keys enabled via SMT will count towards the Private
    Contact limit, and if the limit is exceeded then not only will the Contact Directory go blank, but in addition
    these custom line keys will not be displayed.

If you have any problems or have difficulty with this process please contact the support team on 0800 987 8000, option 1.




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