Polycom Directory


Q:How do I enable the Polycom Directory?
A: The feature must be enabled by Inclarity. If you do not have the feature, and wish to activate it, then please 
contact Inclarity Customer Services.

Q: What phone models will support the Polycom Directory?
A: The feature is available for Polycom VVX handsets only.

Q: How do I add new Private Contacts?
A: Via the Phone Manager portal only.

Q: How many Private Contacts does the Contact Directory hold?
A: For the VVX300, VVX310, VVX400, VVX410, VVX500 and VVX600 the Contact Directory will hold up to 500 entries.
Loading entries in excess of this limit may cause issues (see below).

Q: How do I add new Internal Contacts?
A: Your Internal Contacts list is updated automatically by Inclarity to match your active Subscribers.

Q: How many Internal Contacts does the Broadsoft Directory hold?
A: There is no upper limit to the number of Internal Contacts that can be searched in the Broadsoft Directory.

Q: Can I add Shared Contacts to my Polycom Directory?
A: No. At the moment Shared Contacts are not shown on the VVX handset. Inclarity will offer this possibility in a future release.

Q: What is the purpose of the Favorites option of the Directories menu?
A: The Favorites list will show all of your Polycom Speed Dials. (As your Speed Dials are normally associated with 
individual line keys, there are few reasons to use this menu option.)

Q: Can the order of the Directories menu options be changed?
A: No. At the moment this order is fixed by Polycom, but Inclarity hopes that this will be made more flexible by the manufacturer in a future firmware release.


If you have any problems or have difficulty with this process please contact the support team on 0800 987 8000, option 1.

Please find the user guide below for reference.

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